Map Study

We will review the data available on the property identified in the email and/or in the note below and either
send an email or call you to present the service which seems most applicable.   
Show your Land Surveyor the Site paying too much for Flood Insurance
Copy (Cntl C) my email address:

Link to Yahoo Maps:               

Type in the Site address into “A”  and Yahoo Maps will generate a map with the site needing an Elevation Certificate or
LOMA.  Scale up or down as needed to make sure it is a good location, then

select Yahoo Map’s  “Send | eMail”.  

Paste (Cntl P) or just type my email address into the email form.   Put the following into the text box of the email
     your name and phone numbers
     your approximate cost of flood insurance and
    approximately when the home was built and

Send it.
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