Letter of Map Amendment removes Structure from a Special Flood Hazard Area
Get Removed from a Special Flood Hazard Area with a LOMA

The Letter of Map Amendment specifying the removal of a structure from a Special Flood Hazard Area is the
most desirable result.  We will work toward this goal until a modification of objective is called for by the
circumstances we see. Some but not all structures will qualify if the Base Flood Elevation is set properly.
you are out of the Special Flood Hazard Area, you can request and expect to have the request granted, that
your lender remove the flood insurance requirement, and then expect that the insurance company will give you a
refund....we do the work for the LOMA (unlike others who just provide the instructions), and support the other
steps with pre-written, fill-in-the-blanks letters to your lender and insurance agent.  We also provide telephone
support if you have any problem implementing our plan, though our process has worked many times with a single
support session either over the phone or during the trade of the check for the document package..

LOMA variation by Flood Zone
There are various Special Flood Hazard Area Flood Zones.  Some are included in the list below.   

Zones designated Axxx  indicates non-tidal flooding is possible, while Vxxx
indicates tidal impacted
flooding is possible.  The threshold for A or V designation is a 1% chance in
any year of the water reaching or exceeding the Base Flood Elevation which is presumed to likely cause damage
to structures in the Special Flood Hazard Area.

“AO” indicates a sheet of water, generally with a depth of flooding provided.   To get a LOMA requires some
slope UP from the street to the house and at least a little slope away from all sides of the home, and some slope
from the back of the property toward the street.  In addition, there must be the “depth” or more from the highest
point at the street to the lowest point at the edge of the home.   The chances for a depth of 1’ to be met is pretty
good, but the chances drop for higher depths.   If the home is newer, there is a chance that fill becomes
relevant, in which case another $425 goes to FEMA and an extra step of obtaining a letter from a local official is

“AE” indicates moving water and is associated with contours to allow an interpolated Base Flood Elevation.   If
your home is higher than your neighbors, it stands a better chance, but the elevation may be such that none or
all will be safe from the elevation specified.    

“AH” indicates slower moving pond of water, with a Base Flood Elevation for a large area, though some such
zones have elevation contours.

“A” indicates they think it will flood but are providing no advance help to determine a Base Flood Elevation.   
The chances of removing a structure in this zone is possible with extra effort
, and we have done this in a number
of cases.

There are other zones, but not so common.

Note that if you have a basement, we can still show that your home is safe enough from the
anticipated flood water to have the structure removed from the Special Flood Hazard Area, thus eliminating the
federal requirement for flood insurance.

LOMA Risk-Reward
You risk nothing.   We risk a few minutes to a few hours to determine the status of the property and to look at it
for disqualifying features, then measure various aspects, stopping as soon as it becomes probable that there will
not be a good result.

The reward is the removal of the
federal requirement that you carry flood insurance which is generally followed
by the nearly automatic removal of the requirement by your lender
in response to our process, which is generally
followed by the
legally required refund of your current policy year premiums, again in response to our process.  
The exception is the case where the lender bought insurance for you to protect itself from a vindictive Fanny
Mae or Freddy Mac.

LOMA Process
You give permission to access the site and indicate a willingness to pay for the service if it is fruitful.  We
determine your flood zone and the documents and data needed by FEMA to remove your home from the Special
Flood Hazard Area.  We collect the documents and generate additional documents using data taken from other
documents and from on-site measurements.  Once we have the evidence, we deliver a package to FEMA in the
form of a Request for a Letter of Map Amendment.  It is queued, acknowledged, and then reviewed, possibly with
a cycle or more of requesting additional information.  If the accumulated data meets the interpretation of the
requirements as understood at the time by the reviewer, the LOMA is granted and we are notified.   The client
pays the agreed upon amount.  The client receives a copy of the LOMA document and instructions to fill in a
letter to their lender requesting written permission to drop Flood Insurance in such a way as to get a refund.  The
client then fills in another document they received from us in our LOMA package and sends that to their
insurance agent to request their refund.  The client then has the option of purchasing a low cost Preferred Risk
Policy, or taking on the very real risk of flood damage alone.

Post-FIRM home requiring a new Flood Insurance policy
A homeowner who needs to put a policy in place quickly on a Post-FIRM home, may need to get an Elevation
Certificate to satisfy the Lender for the short term, and then want a Letter of Map Amendment to trigger
elimination of the Flood Insurance requirement, and the likely refund of the insurance premium.   This client will
need to pay for the Elevation Certificate as the first document, and then later pay for the LOMA when it is
issued.  The charge for the second document delivered, assuming both were requested at the same time is
reduced to
a nominal amount.

Out As Shown
If we can show using various means combining various documents, drawings and field data that the client’s
structure is not in the Special Flood Hazard Area as it was previously determined, and that proof is presented
using essentially the LOMA Process outlined above, the result has the two similar outcomes: A LOMA indicating
an Out As Shown result is issued, and we get paid.

The process for a “Letter of Map Amendment with Fill” is similar to the LOMA described above, except that a
community official is required to provide part of the proof, and FEMA’s review is more complex.  The community
may charge for their support ( $0 to $450 so far), and FEMA is required to charge $425 for their review.  Post-
FIRM homes are most often required to endure this extra processing.
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