Coverage area for FEMA Elevation Certificate and Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA)
Our coverage areas

Bruce R Jahn, California Professional Land Surveyor  No. 4493 is licensed to work any place in California and I, Larry
A. Lincoln, am able to work under his ”Responsible Charge” in the same area.   

Our Local Area: San Jose, Palo Alto, Milpitas and a 25 mile radius around Milpitas
Much of our work is in the northern half of Santa Clara County.  Some local clients are located in the southern regions
of San Mateo County.  Some other clients we consider local are in parts of Alameda County.
 In this area we only expect
payment if you are on track for a less than one year payback.

Our Region: Up to 2 hour drive from Milpitas
Our Insurance Agent and Realtor and homeowner referrals send us to a number of places outside our core working
area.    We attempt to collect at least our gas money whether you win or lose.
California: Call Larry Lincoln for quote 408 667-4102
If you cover the extra time for travel and other costs of working out of our most familiar areas, we will go anywhere
Bruce R Jahn’s license will take us.  Our busiest locations are roughly highlighted in yellow.  Our “Local” area is
roughly outlined in blue on the above map.  The other sites within our “Region” which include the San Francisco
and Monterey Bay Areas, Clear Lake, the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys are generally subject to the
mileage charge.  Finding a neighbor to share the mileage charge is an option,.  Nevada is of course excluded.

Natomas area of Sacramento
We have developed a $450 process for reducing the cost of Flood insurance for these folks from the $2,300 we
have been amazed by, to a more reasonable $700 annual rate.  Client’s homes were built this decade while the
levee was considered OK, then the levee was de-certified and the homes are now 20 ft below the Base Flood
Outside California

Bruce R Jahn, CA Lic No 4493 cannot certify any Land Surveying work outside California.  Larry A Lincoln, staff,
can perform research, generate blank field worksheets, and prepare documents for review and certification by any
licensed surveyor across the country.  Our charge is
due in phases based upon the particular process required.   
Send us the site information, along with your contact information.  In some special cases, the homeowner may be
able to perform the field work and sign the document.  In others, the homeowner may be able to do the work
needed to know the likelihood of a positive result.  A Licensed Land Surveyor will generally be needed for a
certified determination and they will almost certainly want to be paid independent of the outcome, so knowing the
chance of a positive outcome in advance of commit
ting to a $750 to $1,800 bill is a good thing.  With our service,
you should be able to negotiate a better price with a better understanding of the risk.
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