Saving on Flood Insurance Cost

It is our hope that we can help you to drop your Flood Insurance cost by enough to justify our nominal charge.  
Some structures do not meet the various criteria on any of the paths which could lead to a lower, or zero, cost for
flood insurance.  Some of the paths lead to lower cost for the same or “modified” coverage.  
Others lead to no flood insurance coverage
requirement at no cost.  These are the real winners right up until the
flood water rises and they have no coverage.   Removing the requirement does not necessarily mean dropping any
coverage, as a matter of fact, the Preferred Risk Policy contains not only the Building coverage which your lender
will insist on, but it also includes some Contents coverage which will be of interest to flood victims when it is time to
replace beds, clothes and other possessions.

We get paid when we win for you.   We have enough experience to quickly determine when your
probability of success is too low for us to continue, thus minimizing our investment unless you are going to want to
pay us.

If you are almost convinced, please start by emailing us a n
ote with the location of your home.  If you think it might
too good to be true, think of this:  In one case you pay us when a document certified by a California
Licensed Land Surveyor convinces a California Licensed Insurance Agent to give you a better rate because your
structure is at a Federally defined lower risk.  In another case you pay us when a California Licensed Land
Surveyor convinces the Federal Government to change
the flood zone of your house.  In another case a California
Licensed Land Surveyor convinces a California Licensed Insurance Agent to give you a better rate because your
structure was built according to the then current Federally defined rules.  No refunds come out of our pocket: the
National Flood Insurance Program gives back the money you should not have paid according to their rules.  

Local Clients have homes or buildings in:

Northern Santa Clara County is the core area for our work
    Mountain View
    Palo Alto
    Santa Clara
San Jose
    Palo Alto

San Mateo County
is another area where we work
    East Palo Alto
    El Granada (travel surcharge)
    Menlo Park
    Pescadero (travel surcharge)
    San Carlos
    San Mateo
    South San Francisco

Alameda County
is still another area where we work
Castro Valley
    San Leandro
    San Lorenzo
    Union City

Further out, with a $50 to $100 travel surcharge:

Contra Costa County
    Diablo / Danville

Southern Santa Clara County
    Morgan Hill

Santa Cruz County
    Santa Cruz

Sacramento County

Monterey County
Stanislas County

Lake County
    Clear Lake area

Ready to talk:  Call my cell phone... Larry Lincoln 408 667-4102.
I will generally answer from 7:00AM to 9:00 PM 7 days,  if I don’t answer, please leave a message including the site
address, and your phone info.

Ready to correspond by email::
Send me a note with some details that will help me to determine your situation when we talk or email and  then
please go to the next page and send a map.
Live in or near Santa Clara County California?  Save on NFIP Flood Insurance
by using a Land Surveyor to minimize your cost with a Letter of Map
Amendment, a Letter of Map Amendment with Fill, or an Elevation Certificate
Larry Lincoln, staff to Bruce Jahn, CA LS 4493:  
Please look up our home, then give us a call to discuss our chances and to confirm the payment
you hope to receive if you are successful in generating / obtaining a document which will lower our
cost of flood insurance or to set us up to eliminate the requirement for flood insurance.
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